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Steve Rosenbaum - Making Up A Mess Of Fun

The first collection of great songs by Steve Rosenbaum and the origin of the name of the band.  This collection forms the core of the Mess Of Fun sound.  It's available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby,  etc.

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The "Mess Of Fun" Band

The band that brings the sound to the stage is called Mess Of Fun.  A rotating collection of the finest musicians in Southern California come together to make a bunch of noise and make a bunch of people happy.  The only requirement for membership?  The knowledge that "...you can't have fun without making a mess!"

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Mmm Good Records

The record company behind the mayhem.  This is the label that boldly goes where others who know better dare not.

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Steve Rosenbaum - Bio

Singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Steve Rosenbaum, has been knocking around the power pop scene for many years. His formative years were spent growing up in suburban Toledo, Ohio, where he came of age at the magical late 60s, early 70s, mid-western crossroads of rock, soul, pop, and bubblegum. Drinking from the same well as other farmland power pop bands, such as Raspberries, Cheap Trick, Blue Ash, The Romantics, as well as the hard rock sounds emanating from Detroit, just an hour to the north, he amalgamates them all into his sound.

While studying at University of Michigan in 1978, Steve was one of the early performers at the now-famous Bookies Club 870, a seminal punk and new wave club. He went on to continue to perform in Detroit and Ann Arbor in a series of original and cover bands. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, where he played in Flip City, a fixture at Madame Wong’s West and other 80s LA showcase clubs. From there, he and bass player (and Grammy nominated producer), Bruce Witkin, left to form The Lonely Bulls, a Beatle-esque vocal-centric acoustic fronted project that featured Everly Brothers-type harmonies.

Steve sat out much of the 90s to concentrate on his day job and, post-2000, to raise a family. 2010 marked a point where he was back in the studio and back on stage, focusing on the kind of power pop he loves best: Short songs, with big guitars, vocal harmonies, and lyrics that reflect on life and love.


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